IT BEGAN WITH A cassette player.

Strumming the guitar and poorly singing American Pie into the handheld recorder was innocuous enough; it was nothing more than a way to go to my parents and say, "Hey! Check this out!"

Then came the multitrack tape recorder; the Tascam Porta 03 MkII Ministudio, gifted by a family friend. Many cassettes were purchased, much fun was had,  and demos were made, even while spending an equally ridiculous amount of time doing the same with Sonic Foundry's Acid Music. 

As a sophomore in college, I had the joy of making some recordings using my roommate's copy of ProTools, and things started to get more serious...

The following year, I had Logic Pro, a few microphones, a drum set, a bass, and what began as a fun activity has turned into an even more fun, lifelong adventure in exploring all aspects of recording.

While I am largely self taught in the realm of recording, I worked as an assistant engineer at Nightsound Studios in Carrboro, NC for one year, where I received guided instruction and training on a variety of sessions, utilizing a wide range of digital and analog equipment.

Every situation presents its own set of variables, and thus every session deserves its own approach. I bring an open mind and an ever growing wealth of experience to whatever I do, and it is always a joy to work towards whatever sonic landscape the music suggests.

I am available for engineering, editing, mixing, and production services. If you would like to work together, please get in touch!

I am also available in all of the capacities listed above, as well as for songwriting and composition, as one half of the full service production duo, The Overthinkers. Please check out our site here.


My attention to detail, service to the artist and the song, efficiency in problem solving, and familiarity with a variety of techniques makes me well equipped  to engineer your next session! I'd be more than happy to discuss your next recording project and execute your vision with efficiency and excellence.


The essential bridge between the raw material gathered during tracking and the beginning of the mixing process, editing allows for an organized work flow and optimization of sonic potential. While most fluent in the world of Logic, I'd love to edit your music in the DAW of your choice!


With an extensive knowledge and deep understanding of sounds throughout the different eras of recording, as well as a constant desire to explore new territory, I am able to hone in on just the sounds you are looking for. I'd be thrilled to bring my unique skill set and soulful enthusiasm to your next mix!


Whether it's just a little extra help in achieving aesthetic goals or full scale production of the raw material, I am always eager to work with musicians  and engineers in helping a piece of music reach its full potential. Being an omnivorous listener, complete music nerd, and sonic daydreamer, I am able to help you achieve sounds reminiscent of particular recordings or create something completely new.