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IanHFL, LLC is a multifaceted music business that offers professional services ranging from teaching & recording to performance & session work.  

IanHFL, LLC is headed by Ian Leinbaugh and based in the unique little town of Carrboro, North Carolina. 

Established as a way to unify the various music services that Ian provides, this business is a vehicle for creative expression, sharing knowledge, fostering community, and fantastic music.

Always eager to learn something new, Ian's curiosity has lead him to constantly seek out new music; spend hours playing the guitar and any other instruments he comes across; fall in love with songwriting and production; perform with bands and as a solo artist both locally and along the east coast; acquire a near obsession with fun music gear; teach guitar students of all ages and skill levels for over ten years; participate in numerous recording sessions in the Triangle and through the marvels of internet-based recording work; study classical and jazz guitar playing while earning degrees in music and anthropology at UNC Chapel Hill; and, pursue his never ending education in the realm of audio engineering , editing, and mixing.

IanHFL Photo Nikki Steel String.JPG

Ian brings passion, professionalism, expertise, and good humor to every musical endeavor. These values are embodied in the various musical services that IanHFL, LLC provides. 

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