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Collaborating in service of a shared creative vision is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a musician. I can't wait to work with you!

Session Work

Over the years I've had the tremendous pleasure of working with a wide range of artists to help bring their sonic dreams to fruition.

I pride myself on being adept at performing nearly any style of music and I relish any opportunity to employ my experience, enthusiasm, and expertise in service of the artist's goals.

I've had the pleasure of recording with artists such as Orlando Parker, Jr.The Ventriloquist MuteNicole Udriot, and Martin Smith.

I am readily available for remote session work as a guitarist or in whatever capacity is most useful for your project! I'm also happy to discuss in-peson work for sessions in and around The Triangle.

Recording & Production

I've been an avid recordist since the moment I began to play guitar and I am eager to bring my experience with engineering, editing, mixing, production, and sound design to your project.


My attention to detail, service to the artist and the song, efficiency in problem-solving, and familiarity with various techniques make me well-equipped to engineer your next session!


I'd be delighted to discuss in-person projects near The Triangle and remote tracking options, including reamping; you know you'd like to hear your DI guitar track through a 15" Fender Twin!


With an extensive knowledge and deep understanding of sounds throughout the different eras of recording, as well as a constant desire to explore new territory, I am able to hone in on just the sounds you are looking for. 


I'd be thrilled to bring my unique skill set and soulful enthusiasm to your next mix!

Audio Equipment
Sound Design

Need a particular vibe for your song? Atmosphere and foley for your podcast? A T Rex driving a semi truck for your cartoon?


Whatever you can dream up, I'll make it a reality--and probably have way too much fun in the process!

Editing & Audio Repair

The essential bridge between the raw material gathered during tracking and the beginning of the mixing process, editing allows for an organized workflow and optimization of sonic potential.


Whether it's using Logic to clean up stems, doing surgical audio repair in Izotope RX, or anything in between, I'd love to help further your next project.


Whether it's just a little extra help in achieving aesthetic goals or full-scale production of the raw material, I am always eager to work with musicians and engineers in helping a piece of music reach its full potential.

Being an omnivorous listener, complete music nerd, and sonic daydreamer, I am able to help you achieve sounds reminiscent of particular recordings or create something completely new. 

Every situation presents its own set of variables, and thus every session deserves its own approach.

I bring an open mind and an ever-growing wealth of experience to whatever I do, and it is always a joy to work toward whatever sonic landscape the music suggests.

I'm grateful to have contributed to a number of audio adventures, including the projects below!

Lightwater - O Holy Night

Engineer, Mixer, Producer, Sound Designer, Mastering Engineer

Karol Peril - "The Grave Opera"


Wood Robinson's New Formal - "Wood Robinson's New Formal"

Assistant Engineer

Orlando Parker, Jr. - Stunt Kween

Engineer, Producer, Sound Designer

The Overthinkers - ABC-123, DEF-456

Engineer, Mixer, Producer, Sound Designer

Nicole Udriot - "Velvet Blue"

Assistant Engineer

Poor Pie - "EP"

Engineer, Mixer, Producer, Sound Designer

Johnny Staxx and the Durty Boyz - "As Real As Possible"

Engineer, Mixer, Producer, Sound Designer

You might also enjoy exploring albums recorded during Creative Music Performance summer sessions

Here's one from our last session before the sessions were put on hold by the pandemic:

Live Sound

I also love being on the other side of the board for live gigs!


As a frequent performer, I know all too well the importance of a skilled sound engineer.

I have been the de facto live mixer in numerous small to medium size venues times when playing shows with bands in the Triangle area or on tour and I love seeking sonic harmony for all those involved in each unique space.

I'm proud to be able to quickly & kindly dial in a sound that is appropriate and balanced for both the musicians and the audience.

In addition to innumerable less formal live mixing situations, I also regularly ran sound for a number of performances at Johnny's Gone Fishing, including the Kenny George Band, Zach Larmer, Accidental Seabirds, Kate Rhudy, MK Rodenbough, Luis Del Rio,  Emily Scott Robinson, Jphono1Little Raven, Jonah Tulchin, Helen Rose, and all of the multiple outdoor performances at the 2016 Carrboro Music Festival.

If you are interested in having me run live sound, please contact me for more information and rates.

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