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Hi! My name is Ian Leinbaugh. I'm a music educator based in Carrboro, North Carolina.

I've been a songwriting guitarist & recordist for over 20 years and a teacher for the last 15+ years.

Combining my love of helping people remove any barriers to creative expression with the knowledge I gained in pursuing degrees in music and anthropology from UNC Chapel Hill, I take a personalized, holistic approach in guiding students to maximize their musical abilities.

I teach guitar, bass, ukulele, songwriting, production, music theory, recording, and general music appreciation to students of all ages and skill levels.

I'm a massive music nerd and enjoy working with folks on all types of music--acoustic, electric, any style!--and bring my experience with what is probably way too many types of music to help you reach your musical goals. 

I am currently teaching both virtually and in person with safety precautions to help ensure the well-being of our community. Learn more about these precautions and lesson accessibility here.

Weekly lessons are offered in 30, 45, and 60-minute blocks for $130, $195, and $260 per month, respectively.

For more information, please feel free to check out my policies, fee detailsschedule details, and my current availability.


You can book 30 & 60 minute lessons online, and please do reach out if you have questions!

You can also read some very kind words below:

“Ian Leinbaugh is a virtuoso guitarist and a born teacher. He has helped me tremendously, and each lesson is a pleasure.” - Walter B.


"In the five years I've taken guitar with Ian, I have learned so much! He is encouraging and a great teacher. I look forward to my lessons." - Laura B.


"Ian's not only been an excellent guitar teacher for our son, he's also inspired and positively influenced him as a person. Thank you." - Jane B

"We love Ian as our child's ukulele teacher! He's a talented and knowledgeable musician and teacher. We love his teaching approach as he guides and encourages exploration and experiences, teaching about the instrument and what it can do rather than just drills and practice." - Nathan J.

"Ian is the rare combination of an incredibly skilled musician & a patient and caring teacher. He’s not only concerned with developing his students' skills on a particular instrument but also in planting the seeds for a lifelong relationship with music. His enthusiasm is contagious and shines through his teaching. He meets students exactly where they are at and supports them through the ups and downs of learning. Cannot recommend him enough." - Nikki S.

"Ian approaches instruction with an emphasis on collaboration and exploration, synthesizing the acquisition of technical skills with my existing musical interests. My lessons were a place where my musical interests and ability felt valued and encouraged: Ian was excellent in providing guidance for my goals as a guitarist, while also suggesting resources for further enrichment. I worked with Ian for about 1.5 years, during which I grew not just as a guitarist, but more importantly, as a musician. I gained new technical abilities, but I also learned how to be proactive in my own improvement, and developed a genuine excitement for studying guitar and music. For any prospective students looking for an instructor who draws from a wealth of musical knowledge and who is truly passionate about what he does, Ian is a great fit." - Marin L.

Check out our new lesson space!

We're delighted to offer a beautiful, well-ventilated teaching environment with a great view of our magical forest of a yard. 

The previous owners--also local Carrborians, and parents of one of my childhood classmates!--taught music lessons in this house for decades, and it's a joy to keep that tradition going!

Converting our back porch into a year-round workspace after parting ways with CMI in August of 2022 was no small feet!

You can watch the before and after by following this link to Instagram.

You can also check out this post to learn how we keep our community safe!

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