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Tablature for guitar, bass, and ukulele for your enrichment and enjoyment!

In addition to tabs for songs in my social media posts (at the bottom of the page!), I'm currently uploading many documents that I've made for students to share with anyone who's interested.


For now, everything is free! Download these while you can!

Most of these items will be updated to be more universally useful in the near future and some of the fancier things will be reserved for students and supporters, or for a small fee.


If you appreciate this work and wish to donate, you can add a tip using the PayPal Tip Jar button below!

You can also find additional tabs that I use in lessons and social media at the links below.

Ultimate Guitar properly licenses its tabs and I recommend it as a great educational resource!

I've recently begun to make use of the incredible learning tool that is Soundslice.
You might enjoy playing along with the "Rainy Skylight Riff" tab below!

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