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Empowering youth through music

What is Creative Music Performance?

Creative Music Performance  (CMP) is a group oriented music program for youth based in Carrboro, North Carolina.

Students who participate will learn the fundamentals of playing  and performing music in a group setting, recording in a studio, online marketing, and preparing for a release party. The program culminates in a concert at a local music venue, with proceeds going to a local charity.

The participants are of course welcome to continue as a band after the program has ended. They will also complete the program with the skills and knowledge to start a band of their own if they wish to do so.

What is the schedule for Creative Music Performance?

CMP offers two summer camps, as well as courses in the spring and fall of each year.

2017 Summer Camps

Summer classes run from 9 AM to 2 PM, M-T-W-Th-Fri

  • Monday, June 12th through Friday, June 16th

    • Release show Saturday, June 17th​

  • Monday, June 19th through Friday, June 23rd

    • Release show Saturday, June 24th​

2017 Fall Semester

  • 16 week program; dates TBD

2018 Spring Semester

  • 16 week program; dates TBD

What are the fees for Creative Music Performance?

2017 Summer Camps

  • $400/week

2017 Fall Semester

  • $500/semester

Where is Creative Music Performance located?

The CMP program takes place in Nightsound Studios, located at 116 West Main Street in Carrboro, North Carolina. Classes will primarily be held in Nightsound's live room, with the full studio being utilized for the recording process. The release show for the participants will be held at a local music venue.

What else should I know?

The classes are led by Ian Leinbaugh, who has been performing, teaching, and recording in the Triangle area for over a decade. Participants will be grouped with peers of similar playing abilities and musical interests. While the focus will be on learning, recording, and performing cover songs, students will also be encouraged to both jam and create original music as well.

The students will be coached in the often tricky business of both group dynamics & actual performance dynamics; stage presence & logistics; creating a "brand" for their band; marketing & promotion; participants will also learn how to make the most of individual practice time, group rehearsals, & studio time.

I have more questions!

There is still even more to this program than what is included above; don't hesitate to get in touch if you want more interested and/or have any questions!

How do interested students apply?

Parents and students may fill out an application online, or print and bring the completed application to Creative Music Studios at 116 West Main Street in Carrboro. A link to the application is found below.

CMP 2017 Summer Camp Application

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