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Stunt Kween to be released in three weeks!

I'm thrilled to announce the second release for The Overthinkers, the song Stunt Kween, which will be released on Tuesday, August 29th! In case you haven't heard, The Overthinkers are a music production duo comprised of myself and Mike McArdle of Lucid Dream, and we're based in lovely Carrboro, NC. To learn more about us, please check out our Facebook page (our official site will be up and running soon!), and follow us on Instagram to hear the latest news! Stunt Kween, the next single for Raleigh, NC singer Orlando Parker, Jr., is the product of a collaboration between Parker and The Overthinkers. Parker, the executive producer for the song, enlisted The Overthinkers to produce the track and write music for his lyrics. Mike and I had an amazing time generating the music (check out this clip of us toying with some sound effects), Orlando delivered a fantastic vocal performance, and we are all THRILLED with the track! The song blends trap, pop, and R&B with tinges of psychedelia; it's a hook-filled tune, equally crafted for dancing in the club in a late-night haze or digesting all the bits of ear candy through your favorite pair of headphones. For the final touches of the recording process, Parker drew on the mixing talents of Pablo Vega and the mastering brilliance of the Grammy award-winning Bill Hare; the result is pretty awesome, if I dare say so myself! Please be sure to follow The Overthinkers and Orlando Parker, Jr. on Instagram to be among the first to hear the tune when it's released on the 29th--you won't want to miss this!!

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