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Life & taxes (& of course music)

It's getting to be that time of year time!! Of course, the rest of life must go on as well, so it's been pretty interesting trying to balance everything lately! This is the first year that I'll be doing taxes for my business, and I must say I knew that it'd be a little different, but there really is a lot to keep track of as a small business owner! I'm super grateful to be working with Eco-Tax to prepare both my business and personal taxes this year--big shout out to Yanina and the rest of the team! Right off the bat, they found SO many things to deduct that I had never thought of, plus they have been wonderful in helping me file all the necessary documents and make wise choices overall. I'd certainly recommend them if you're looking for an accountant! If you're a musician looking for tax help, I'd also recommend this article by Justin Colletti on Sonic Scoop, as well as this article on Soundfly! And, of course, not that I'm an accountant by any stretch of the imagination, but if you've found yourself here, I'm happy to offer any advice based off of my experiences thus far! Looking outside here in Carrboro, the yellowy haze is a sure sign that spring has indeed sprung; that means signup for Creative Music Performance is also in full swing! If you don't know about Creative Music Performance yet, in short, it's a music empowerment program for youth--but please head over to the website to learn more! The regular appliaction period ends May 31st and space is VERY limited, so be sure to apply sooner rather than later!! Springtime also means spring cleaning! We've been doing some rennovations to our house & home studio, largely to brighten up the space, bring in more plants, and make both listening to and creating music even more enjoyable! I'm particularly excited about FINALLY having the perfect setup for some excellent vintage, 360-degree speakers that I inherited from my uncle...follow me on Instagram to see them in action! I also happened to complete one more rotation around the sun in late March, and I gotta say that I am SUPER grateful for my amazing wife, Dominique, my wonderful family, and all of the amazing friends & fellow musicians that I was able to celebrate with! I also happened to fall while swinging from a vine out in Bolin Forest on my birthday, but that's another story... Welp, that concludes another installment of my monthly musings! Check back in early May to see what's coming up...lots of exciting things in the works, and while I don't want to speak too soon, I'm pretty stoked for what the year holds!!

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