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August recap and September preview!

Here's a super brief update on what's been going on this past month, and what's coming up!

August has been a pretty low-key month, in large part due to chronic health issues that have forced me to take as much off my plate as possible for the indefinite future. I’ve pushed through since these issues first surfaced last November, but apparently healing takes time, and a lot of rest!! With luck, I’ll have some more information on what’s been going on within the next few weeks, and will be back to rocking at full capacity by the end of the year. What’s interesting about this situation is that I’ve had to shift my priorities a decent bit. While frustrating, it’s been helpful to focus in on just a few things that I can do mostly from home—namely, teaching, songwriting, and resting! That being said, I do have a couple fun events coming up!

First off, I’ll be hosting a guitar workshop at Coco Fiesta Fántastica at the North Carolina Museum of Art on Saturday, September 1st!! This is going to be a SUPER COOL evening full of all kinds of amazing art and music, culminating in the screening of Coco on the ultra big screen that is the side of the NCMA amphitheater! Come out to the museum to join in the festivities, and be sure to stop by my table to say hello and learn more about guitars!

I’ll be back in Raleigh on September 7th, this time for day two of the 8th annual Guitartown Hopscotch Day Party! I’ll be performing with some old friends in the band Nantahala at 5 PM at the Berkley Cafe, and it’d be great to see you there!!

Lastly, I mentioned last month that I’d just finished an arrangement for a song that I originally started…gosh, three years ago ! While you’ll have to wait for the full version to be released in the future, I thought I’d go ahead and share a snippet of this tune; you can check that out below! There are dozens more songs coming down the pipeline, and I’m really excited to share those with y’all in the coming weeks and months!

I hope that the summer continues to treat you all well! Till next time!

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